Saturday, October 16, 2010

Top 5 Reasons Windows Phone 7 Will/Won't Succeed

Our columnist makes the possibly contrarian assertion that, with Windows Phone 7, Microsoft is reinvigorating the smartphone. Read his take and see if you agree or not.

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Best Mobile Apps For Busy Professionals

Today's smartphones have led to the development of hundreds of thousands of mobile apps. Apple's iPhone, RIM's BlackBerry and phones based on Google's Android all have access to extensive libraries of apps that you can download and install for our increasingly mobile world. When you're always on the go, having the right smartphone app makes it easy to transition from business to pleasure and back again without skipping a beat so you can get the most out of every minute. Here we pick 17 of the best apps for pros on the go -- steering clear of the silly and the stupid -- to help you manage your mobile lifestyle.

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ROUNDTABLE (pt. 1 of 2): Is encouraging excitement vital and more important to MMA than fighters simply fighting to win above all else? Hansen, Lee, Hyden, Matthew, Hobaugh, Leet, Amadi

Is encouraging excitement out of fighters via the "Fight of the Night" bonus vital to the survival of MMA, or should fighters be worried about winning above all else for MMA to be considered a "true sport."


On one hand you have Chris Lytle, who is always going for the bonus, and who has made it clear that being an entertainer is more important to him than becoming a champion.� On the other hand, you have everyone who worships at the altar of Greg Jackson.� I'm not a fan of either extreme.

How about a $70,000 penalty for each fighter of the biggest dog fight of the night?� Or better yet, penalize Greg Jackson $70,000 every time one of his fighters fights competes in an athletic competition.


Fight of the Night is a great bonus and great initiative for fighters to give it their all. It is much more enjoyable for the fans to see fighters actually going for a finish. I think fighters being too concerned about just winning is what will cause less interest in MMA.


It is absolutely vital to encourage excitement out of the fighters. It's true that winning is the ultimate, and perhaps only, goal for a fighter. However, excitement is generated by effort. If you're trying to win, and you're doing all you can, fans will respect that and cheer you. I think excitement and winning can go hand in hand. Brock Lesnar isn't exciting because he has the best stand-up, or the best Jiu-Jitsu, he doesn't have those things. Rather, Brock is exciting because he's constantly giving 100% in an effort to win. Trying to win is first and foremost. However, by trying to win, you make yourself exciting. If you're constantly trying to advance your position to give yourself a better chance to win, that is exciting. Lyoto Machida showed both sides of this. When he was trying to win, Machida was exciting. When he was hanging back, and trying to not lose, he was boring as hell. Fighters who try to win are exciting to watch.


As long as Dana White and Joe Silva can choose the match-ups without anyone standing in his way, he will choose what he perceives as the most exciting fights. �Not the most deserving fighters. �You can win as many fights as they put in front of you and still not get a title shot, like John Fitch. Factor in injuries and sometimes boring fights are unavoidable.�Exciting fights sell pay-per-views.�UFC 119 was a disaster.�I think encouraging the fighters with a bonus is an excellent way to help keep our sport more entertaining.


MMA is a spectator sport. It always will be so the most popular fighters will normally be the most exciting. I think that it does not hurt the sport when a fighter goes for a finish. Sometimes you have to risk it to get the win and that's why the bonuses are there. Fighters should always go for the win, but if they can finish in dramatic fashion they need a push to go for that big win.


First and foremost, MMA will be a ?true sport? when people stop bringing its legitimacy into question. As for the incentive bonuses, fighters who succeed in finishing the fight should be rewarded and placed in higher regards than fighters who don?t. The ?win above all else? philosophy is fine, but the fact of the matter is that fighters trained not be finished. They train not to get knocked out and not to be submitted. Fighters who are able to undo their opponent?s training and finish them have displayed a higher level of skill than a fighter who simply wins a decision.
The bonuses aren?t so much encouraging excitement as they are a reward for demonstrating skill.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Jay Hieron Leaves Strikeforce To Become A Free Agent

Former IFL Welterweight Champion looking to test the waters after prematurely announcing his free agency in August
After wrongly claiming to be a free agent last month, former IFL Welterweight Champion Jay Hieron is officially on the market after his contract and offer matching period from Strikeforce expired, leaving Hieron with the ability to sign with any promotion he chooses. Hieron signed with Strikeforce following the collapse of both the IFL and Affliction Entertainment and was thought to be a top contender for the promotion’s 170-pound title.
In fact, Hieron was scheduled ...

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Johnny Knoxville Is A Veteran Of Peen Injuries

As Jackass 3D comes out this weekend, Johnny Knoxville reveals that he is paying for all his crazy stunts with some injuries to his peen.
He said the following about his penile problems:
It?s just like a dog?s chew-toy down there. I broke my penis about three years ago trying to backflip a motorcycle. So [...]

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EA Politik '11 - EA: It's in the game.

This is the result of a few too many pints of London Pride, and was worth relaying here.


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